Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

Leah and I took our crew for our annual pilgrimage to the Black Creek Pumpkin Patch in Decatur on October 24th.  Unfortunately, between busy schedules and sickness, we weren't able to go with our usual pumpkin patch peeps (Leah's mama, Holly, Abbey, and their kiddos).  :(  In fact, we almost didn't get to go at all.  My kids were just getting over the weird tummy bug that plagued our house earlier in the week.  Luckily, Leah wasn't afraid of our cooties and was willing to throw caution to the wind by going with us.  Thank goodness that none of the Hunt chicas caught our illness!  I would have felt horrible...

We decided to go in the late afternoon this year, hoping to avoid the crowds and bus loads of field trippers.  It worked out great!  There were only two other families at the patch with us, so there was plenty of room to roam.  It was a little bright for pictures when we got there (lots of squinty eyes), but we got some good ones right before we left.  Yay!  :)

My kids were not feeling the initial photo session.  :(  They wanted to pet the animals and play!  I can't blame them - it is a super fun place.  They weren't digging smiling for their mother's endless photos.  Bummer.

 This little monkey.  You know it is bad when the 2 year old is the only one cooperating.  Ha!

On to the animals...  Clayton thinks he has to take a picture with a bird on his head.  It's like his signature move.  Ha!

 Love this sweet crew of kiddos!
 Mrs. Dede had the tiniest little goats this year!  They were so cute!

 Then they were ready to get their faces painted.  Drew asked for a blue tiger.  :)
 Owie got a pumpkin.
 Barrel Train Ride
 And a few more pictures for Mama...

Pumpkin patch day is one of the highlights of the year for all of us.  My kids started talking about it mid-September this year.  They look forward to the fun activities, and they tolerate the pictures... sorta.  ;)


Lone Star Family said...

The last picture is precious. Sweet boys!