Saturday, November 09, 2013

Drew's Actual Birthday

My sweet Drew turned F-I-V-E on October 23rd!  I simply cannot believe that my sweet baby is half a decade old...  I loved three and four so much - such fun ages with this little fella.  I'm sure that five will be just as wonderful, but only time will tell.  :)

You would never know from the pictures, but my little Buddy spent the night before his 5th birthday getting sick twice before midnight.  The last few hours of being four were pretty crummy for him.  :(  I had gone to the store earlier in the evening to buy birthday donuts and cupcakes to share with his class in preparation for his big day.  His unsettled tummy put a halt to school, though, of course.  Drew was sad to miss out on his mini-party with his classmates.  Such a bummer!  Wade and I talked ourselves into thinking that maybe it was something that he ate the day before - not a true tummy bug.  We let him enjoy his birthday donut, hoping it wouldn't upset his stomach.  He did great with his "trial by fire."  ;)  We watched him the rest of the day and he seemed just fine.

As a side note, Drew's sweet teacher texted me a voice file of his class singing happy birthday to Drew in his absence.  His face lit up when he heard it!  Such a kind gesture, I thought.  :)

By that evening, Drew seemed great.  We thought that whatever he had eaten was out of his system and all was well.  We decided to take our crew to Chuck E. Cheese and a hibachi place to salvage what was left of his b-day. 

Chuck E. Cheese was a big hit!

Baby Brother was especially happy with Drew's choice of entertainment.  :)

These two love each other to pieces 95% of the time.  The other 5% looks a bit like WWF, but I hear that is how males show their affection.  ;)

Ah, the habachi grill....  That was where the evening took a turn for the worst.  All was fun and games, in the beginning.  The boys were all about the show.  The flaming, beating rice heart was a show stopper.
 As was the onion volcano....
Then Owen proved to us that Drew's sickness was an actual tummy bug that he had passed onto his little brother.  Poor O got sick at dinner.  Game over.  Time to head home and quarantine ourselves.  :(

I think that my boy had a pretty great fifth birthday, despite his GI tract revolting against him.  Here's to hoping that 5 ends better than it began.  ;)