Monday, November 25, 2013

Drew - Upward Soccer Fall 2013

Our Drew Boy played his first team sport this fall.  He decided that he wanted to play soccer, and he had a great season!  Wade took him for tryouts, and they placed him on a Kinder team.  I was nervous about him "playing up," but Wade assured me that it was no big deal.  He was right - Drew fit right in!

It was crazy to watch our meek & mild child show his aggressive side on the soccer field.  I was sooo surprised by his competitive streak!  My normally shy, quiet child would maneuver himself to get the ball with determination to score a goal, regardless of who was in his path.  He did not get that characteristic from his Mama - that is his Daddy's DNA, through and through.  There are still many a story told about Wade, back in his White Water Rowdies days, playing preschool soccer with his cousin.  Wade has always loved soccer.  I think our Drew may follow in his footsteps.  :)

Drew scored at least one goal at almost every game.  He was the highest scorer on his team... not that I was keeping track.  (Maybe I do have a competitive side?!?!?!  Who knew???)  He had so much fun and is already talking about playing again in the Spring.  We shall see...
 Go, #9!!!
 The Mighty Team Thunder
They got to do a run through at the first game - complete with a fog machine.  Drew thought that was super cool!

 He was so funny when he would kick or throw the ball in.  He would clap his hands and talk to himself - like a little pep talk.  Ha!  Funny kid.
 Maybe saying a prayer as well...?

 High 5s after scoring a goal!

 This little cutie was a MVP this season for our family!  Between soccer and baseball for his brothers, he sat in his stroller for hours and hours in the sun (he got a minor sunburn at one point) and the freezing cold this fall.  Bless his heart!

 Bundled up for a chilly game on October 19th

 Another goal celebration

 Grammie & Papaw came to town to cheer on their favorite soccer player.  So sweet of them!

 Oh, this curly headed boy kills me...

 O picked his Mama a flower at one of the games.  Sweet thing.

 Drew was so proud of his trophy that he got at the awards celebration!  He was grinning from ear to ear all night.  At one point, he was staring at it and I heard him whisper to himself, "I can't believe that I got a real trophy..."  Childhood is the best.
 Drew with Coach Manuel
It was a fun season of watching our little Drew play soccer.  We were so proud of our self declared "Soccer Master."  Ha!  I'd say that his first sports experience was a success!