Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Firetruck Day at Preschool

One of my boys' favorite preschool theme days is Fire Safety Day.  They LOVE to see the fire truck and get to talk to firemen.  It is so cute to see the way that the all of the kids light up and act starstruck around the firemen.  Such a sweet part of childhood...

October 16th was the firetruck fun day for the Drew-ster.  He loved every minute.  :)

It just so happened that the firetruck came to the preschool on the same day that Clayton was out of school for parent/teacher conferences.  So, Clayton got to enjoy the fun as well - a little throwback to his preschool days.  ;)  Owen was at Grammie and Papaw's for a few days, so he missed all of the preschool hub bub.  As luck would have it, we got to go to the Grapevine Fire Department one day after BSF to run an errand for my bestie.  Leah's brother was sweet to let Owen climb in the truck and hooked him up with a badge sticker and a fire safety coloring book.  Baby brother got his own one-on-one firetruck day!  I think he may have gotten the best deal - time by himself with his grandparents and a private firetruck day!  Being the third kids isn't such a bad gig.  :)