Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Drew's 5th Birthday Party

This year we had Drew's party the Saturday before his birthday - October 19th.  Drew had definite opinions on his party this year, so we let him help with the details.  He got to weigh in on the place, the theme, the cupcakes, the party favors, etc. 

Drew went to a birthday party at ASI Gymnastics last fall, and he determined then and there that he wanted his fifth party at ASI.  It turned out to be a fun place to celebrate our big 5 year old!  There was quite a bit of goofy humor - dirty diapers, boogers, and such.  Not really my style, but Drew thought it was funny.  ;)

 They had fun with the parachute.

 The foam pit was a hit as well.

 Then it was cake and present time.

I snapped a few family shots with the birthday boy.  Somehow I missed getting a picture of Wade & I with the birthday boy and Grammie & Papaw with Drew.  Ugh - mom fail!

G & Grandaddy were so sweet to drive to our neck of the woods for the party.  They are such awesome great-grandparents to my boys.
 The Eddlemons came our way after running the Duck Dynasty 5K earlier in the day.  
They got major cool points from our Clayton.
It was fun day celebrating our fun boy!  Thanks to everyone who made my Drew feel so special.  :)