Saturday, December 22, 2012

Santa 2012

Last Tuesday, we took the boys on our annual pilgrimage to the Gaylord Texan for them to see Santa.  The Gaylord is always so beautiful this time of year!

Santa was sweet with the boys and they got to tell him all of their wishes.  :)  Clayton ask for the Batman 2 game for the Wii, an iPod Touch (we already told him that we had the power of veto on that one!), and a Go Cart (he has been warned that is probably a no-go as well).  Drew asked for a DS, some DS games, and a trampoline.

Santa spent some time with Clayton and Drew before he had me put Owen on his lap.  I gently placed Baby Brother on the lap of Jolly 'Ole St. Nick, and he.... screamed his head off!  He looked terrified in the first few pictures that they took.  Santa was sweet to talk to him and calmed him down really quick.  We ended up getting a couple of really cute shots.

We didn't buy any of the pictures of Owen screaming his head off, although, now I kinda wish we had.  It only lasted a matter of seconds, but Owen is our first baby to cry with Santa.  Clayton & Drew never did that.  I was glad that Little Mister calmed down and was able to enjoy his Santa experience.  Hopefully, Kris Kringle won't hold it against Owen and he will still get some good loot.  ;)

My beloved camera of 7 years that I have taken approximately a gazillion pictures with, has decided to act a fool.  Some of my pictures come out well and some have a dark shadow across the bottom third of the picture.  No bueno!  All of that to say, most of my pictures from the Gaylord are pretty crummy.  My photog husband did get 3 good ones.

After our time at the Gaylord, we went to a "fancy" dinner.  We took the kids for sushi!  It was their first sushi experience, and they loved it!  The people at the next table kept pointing and laughing at Clayton because he was trying and loving everything.  His favorite was the eel (which was cooked) and the tuna (which was raw).  He didn't care for the octopus - he said it was too chewy.  :)  Drew wasn't quite as adventurous, but he did like the eel and the "Samson" (aka salmon).  Ha!  Owen ate his weight in rice and liked the teriyaki chicken.

Too see past Santa pics, click HERE.