Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nick the Elf

Our little elf, Nick, was waiting for us on our mantle when we got home from our Thanksgiving travels.  The boys brought him up several times on the way home - they were beside themselves wondering if he had arrived yet.  They were pretty excited to see that cute little guy.  :) 

The boys got up every morning anxious to find out where Nick was.  He was pretty funny this year, for sure.

 Ziplining into the Christmas tree was a favorite

 Trying to drive mom's car was pretty funny, too...

 He had a grand old time with our family picture wall - silly fella!

 The morning after Batman Live, we found Nick teamed up with every Batman figure that we own defeating the villainous Scarecrow.  Ha!
 Fishing in the potty was Nick's grand finale on Christmas Eve morning.  The boys thought that was his funnies trick last year and begged him for a repeat performance this year.  ;)
The boys had so much fun with Nick this year!  At one point, Clayton said, "It's like Nick is our other brother for a month out of the year."  Ha!  Thanks for the memories, Nick!  We can't wait to see you again next year.