Monday, December 10, 2012

Chihuly Nights Date Night

When Wade and I were dating in high school, he would plan the most fun dates.  While everyone else was going on the standard dinner and a movie date, Wade was taking me to musicals, the Plano Balloon Festival, and the Mesquite Rodeo.  I am fairly certain that Wade was the only 17 year old in the metroplex that scoured The Guide (that came in the Dallas Morning News) for date ideas.  Ha! 

Seventeen years later...  my Hubs still plans the best dates.  :)

Years ago, Wade and I had seen a documentary on Dale Chihuly, an amazing glass blower.  We both fell in love with his work.  We were thrilled to hear that the Dallas Arboretum was hosting a Chihuly exhibit with many of his sculptures.  Unfortunately, the Chihuly Nights exhibit was sold out every time that we checked the website.  I was sad that we wouldn't get to go, but had just resided myself to the fact that it wasn't going to happen.  However... last week, while Wade was out of town, he saw that they had released tickets for this weekend.  He bought tickets for Saturday night and booked a babysitter ASAP!  I was thrilled when he told me.  :)

We had the best time walking around and looking leisurely at all of the sculptures.  Wade packed a delicious picnic and we ate on a bench overlooking the lake.  I loved every minute!

Pictures could never do the sculptures justice, but I couldn't help snapping away.  Surprise, surprise.  ;)

Mexican Hat
Aqua Blue and Amber Chandelier

Mirrored Hornets
Float Boat & Carnival Boat
Wade took this one with the reflection in the water...

Persian Pond

Every little element was so intricate!  It made my head spin to think about each one being created separately, shipped one by one, and then reassembled into this massive work of art.  So cool....
White Belugas
Fiori Sun

Red Reeds
Dallas Star
Blue Icicles
We had so much fun together!  Thanks, Honey, for taking the initiative to plan such a fun night!


Holly said...

What a dream date! I LOVE Chihuly and the installations at the Arboretum blew me away. (Persian Pond was my favorite.) I would love to see them at night. I'm so happy that y'all got to get away for a bit. I think Wade's a keeper!