Saturday, December 15, 2012

Prairie Lights

On Wednesday night, we went to Prairie Lights in Grand Prairie.  It was so well done - I was very impressed!  There are over 4 million lights and the longest light tunnel in the world!  :)

 These two monkeys watched while leaning out of the car window.  Crazy kids!  That only lasted a minute before they were cold and retreated back into the warm car with the windows rolled up.  ;)
 The nativity was my favorite.  So pretty!

 At one point, they usher you into a parking lot where you can walk around and see more lights, see Santa, and ride some rides.  The carousel was free, so we let the kids take a ride.  O didn't know quite what to think when it started moving.  He started saying, "Off.  Off."  After some reassurance and me holding his waist tightly so that he felt secure on his horse, he realized that it was fun.  :)

 The longest light tunnel in the world...
Owen is normally still rear-facing in his car seat.  (I'm a rule follower and have to comply with the AAP recommendation.)  However, we made an exception and flipped him to forward facing for the occasion.  It was fun to see his little face as he watched the lights!  He spilled his drink on his pants at one point, so he watched the last half of the lights kicked back and pant-less while finishing his In & Out Burger.  Ah - this is the life!  Too funny...
Another fun Christmas activity to experience as a family...  :)