Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Preschool Program

Drew had his Christmas preschool program on Tuesday night.  Oh my word - it was precious!  Our little preschool does the best job of making every event so special!

Drew's class did a song called "Big Surprise" and it was adorable.  They were dressed like a gospel choir and had cute hand motions.  Drew was between the two most animated little girls - ha!  He kinda zoned out at one point, but he was so fun to watch otherwise.  Love that little blond boy!

After the performance, there was a cookie reception in the classroom.  I think that my 3 boys sampled every cookie that was offered.  ;)  Drew gave us a sweet little ornament that he had made and we got to see some of his artwork on display.  They are priceless treasures to this Mama.

We could not be prouder of our Drew and how much he has blossomed in a preschool environment.  He is such a delight!