Saturday, December 22, 2012

Batman Live

On Thursday, December 13th, we took the "big boys" (Drew gets to fall into the "big boys" and the "little boys" category when we do age specific activities - lucky kid!) to see the Batman Live show at the American Airlines Center.  We surprised them big time!  Wade saw it advertised and bought the tickets months ago to be an early Christmas present for C&D.  "Fun Dad" lives up to his title once again.  :)

The big boys knew that we had something planned for them, but we didn't let them in on the surprise until we were in the parking lot.  We are trying desperately to teach them patience.  ;)  When we told them, they were soooo excited!  I had hidden their Batman tee shirts in the car, so they changed in the parking lot.

They were stoked to see Robin, Batman, and Joker built out of Legos right when we walked in.

They got souvenir shirts, too.  They were over the moon by this point!
The set was super cool, and Wade got us really close seats.
The Joker
When the Batmobile came out on stage, the boys were both wide-eyed!  They both deemed that to be their favorite part of the show.  They have hit Wade up that it should be his next car.  Ha!
Looks like it may be a little tight for car seats....  ;)
They loved seeing all of the villans, too.  Two-face was their fav.
Batman & Robin
At the end, Batman and Catwoman kissed and both of the boys covered their eyes and said, "EWWW!!!!"  The lady beside us died laughing.  Ha!  Clayton immediately said, "Well, that was highly inappropriate!"  So funny....

It was a fun night with our big boys!  They are still talking about their favorite scenes and, of course, the Batmobile.  So fun!