Thursday, March 04, 2010


Well, were y'all worried that I had fallen off of the face of the Earth???

It's been almost 2 weeks since I last blogged. That is a record for me! Yes, we're all fine, there's nothing earth shattering going on, and I'm still alive. I don't have any big excuse for why I haven't blogged, it's just been a busy couple of weeks. Since I don't have anything major to blog about, I thought that I would compose a list of random tidbits.

* Tuesday was Texas Independence Day! What did you do to celebrate? Nothing? Yeah, us either... But, Drew did wear is "Don't Mess With Texas" shirt in honor of the occasion. Ha!

* We are going through a difficult season of discipline with one of our children (whom shall remain, ahem, nameless of course). I feel like I am doling out punishments left and right. I am constantly rethinking my correction methods and trying to figure out where I went wrong.

Last week in Bible Study, our leader said something to the group that really spoke to my heart. She said that Adam & Eve had The Perfect Parent, they lived in the perfect place, and everything about their lives was meant to be perfect. However, they still made the conscious choice to go against their Father and to sin. Wow - does that hit anyone else like a ton of bricks? It sure did me. Even if we were perfect parents (which none of us are) our children are still sinful by nature and require correction.

* May I direct your attention to that Lily Pie birthday ticker that is on my right sidebar? The one with the alligator... Do you see how dangerously close the little boy is getting to the 5?!?! My firstborn babe will be 5 years old is just 9 short days! That's all that I can muster up to say about this topic. I'll save the rest for his birthday letter...

* Drew is in that phase of toddlerhood where he bumps his head all. the. time. The child looks like a prize fighter with all of his bumps and bruises. It's ridiculous! To make matters worse, he has figured out how to climb up into our kitchen chairs. That has made me go into full blown crazy Mama mode. I'm just terrified that he is going to fall and bust his head. I am scared to leave him unsupervised for even a second when we are downstairs. I seriously almost put Clayton's bicycle helmet on Drew yesterday, just so that I could put away a load of dishes.

He looks so stinkin' cute though with that big ole proud smile!

* After {almost} 10 years of service, our dryer decided to revolt on us. Wade took 2 different parts to the appliance store to see if they were the problem. Turns out that neither one was the culprit. So... we decided to bite the bullet and buy a new washer and dryer. In the meantime, we went 7 days without doing laundry. I am used to doing laundry every 2-3 days. So, to watch it pile up, and up, and up, was stressing me out. We got the new washer & dryer last night. So, I have been participating in what I now affectionately call Laundry-palooza 2010. I'm working on my 7th load right now. Good times, good times...

I think that just about covers all of my randomness for now. More exciting posts are to come, I promise. ;)


Leslie said...

I can't believe Clayton will be five! Good grief! Hey, did you get HE washer and dryer? Do I need to be jealous??:)

Hannah said...

I missed you! Hang in there...we were going through a rough time discipling too and a good friend reminded me that "this too shall pass." and it did!