Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Highlights

This week has been crazy busy. It was one of those weeks where there just wasn't any time to blog. But... I thought that I would sit down and do a quick recap of the week. I'm just going to hit the highlights. :)

Monday was President's Day. I was looking for some educational activities to do with Clayton while Drew was napping, and I stumbled upon this Presidential powdered wig tutorial. It was too funny to pass up. So, Clayton and I made one. He loved it! He wanted to wear it all day. Hysterical...

You can't truly appreciate it without a full 360 degree view.

Ha ha!

While we were making the wig, I explained to Clayton that when George Washington was the president, all of the important men wore powdered wigs. He said, "So, does Barack Obama wear fake hair?" I about fell out of my chair laughing. ;)

Much to my surprise, they observed President's Day at preschool on Tuesday, too. They made an Abe Lincoln hat/beard.

I don't know whether Clayton makes a better George Washington or Honest Abe. Hmm....

For Valentine's Day, instead of getting the boys gifts, we bought a family membership to the Ft. Worth Museum of Science and History. They recently remodeled the Children's Museum and it is awesome! I'm quite certain that we will get our money's worth out of our membership. I think that the boys would be perfectly content going every week. We've been twice and we still haven't seen it all. It's huge!

They had a 4D movie about the Barnett Shale. It was a little over Drew's head, but he sure looked cute in the glasses. ;)

We had to take a few pictures in front of the 30-foot model of a drilling apparatus for Papa D. My Dad is a petroleum engineer, so it was fun for Clayton to see the kinds of things that his grandpa designs. I'm sure that my explanation didn't do it justice...

Both of the boys really enjoyed the Dino Dig area. Clayton had a ball looking for bones and Drew felt big carrying around the tools.

They had an interactive baby area that Drew really enjoyed.

Clayton loved the grocery store,

and the balancing area,

and the microscope camera projector (yes, I totally made up that terminology!),

and driving the ambulance.

Drew was content to snuggle with one of the babies in the hospital area. I said, "Give the baby some love" and he hugged it. Sweet boy...

Then he poked it's eye. Ha! Guess we'll be focusing on gentleness this week...

You stood in front of this giraffe and it measured your height using a laser. It said that Clayton was 3 feet 9 inches, which I think is pretty accurate.

Lockheed Martin was there for the Museum's Engineer's Week. They had a pretty cool exhibit that Clayton LOVED.

He got to do their fighter jet simulator and shoot at a target.

He said that was his favorite part of the day.

We had so much fun at the museum. If you live anywhere near there, you should look into a membership. It really is a good deal! That's my little spiel...

I'm so sorry that this turned into a really long post. Y'all know that I have a tendency to be, ahem, long winded and to pick too many pictures. I'm going to work on that. I promise. :)


Mrs. H said...

What a great day! Finding not only fun but educational activities is an art.

Holly said...

I love your long, picture heavy posts - the longer the better!

I laughed out loud at the side view of Clayton in the powdered wig. Drew hugging the baby and then poking the baby's eye is so funny. The museum looks awesome and like it will provide hours of enjoyment and education. Good gift idea!

Hannah said...

I vote for George! That was so cute! Drew is changing so much! Bye-bye baby, hello toddler! Doesn't that give you baby fever again (or is it just me!)?