Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Much Fun!

I absolutely cannot get over the crazy amounts of snow that we got on Thursday & Friday! We got 13.8" total - which was a new record for our area! It was completely amazing!

Our house will most likely never see this much snow again!

We made good use of the fluffy snow by spending a lot of time playing outside in it! :) Clayton would play in 30 minute increments and then come in to get a cup of hot chocolate. We repeated this process over and over and over. ;)

Yes, I did buy a fake carrot at Hobby Lobby several months ago just in case we got enough snow to build a snowman. Yes, Wade did make fun of me. It sure did come in handy, though. Who's laughing now, Baby??? ;)

Making Snow Angels

Our completed snowman! Daddy had to work on Friday. (Apparently, you don't get to take a "snow day" when you work from home. ;) ) So... it was up to Clayton & I to complete our snowman. As I mentioned, Clayton wasn't really feelin' the process... So, my neighbor and I finished up Frosty. I'm not thinking that it is quite what Wade had in mind, but we got the job done. :)

The highlight for our boy was pelting his Mama with snowballs. Rotten thing...

We even let the Little get out for a few minutes to play. Never fear, grandmothers, his ears were covered with ear muffs and his hood. ;)

He was really interested in the snow and enjoyed it for about 10 minutes. Then he fell in a big slushy puddle and he was D-O-N-E. Can't say that I blame him...

While Drew was napping, I built him his own little snowman. I used his beanie and scarf, blue Mike & Ikes for the eyes, and a pacifier for the mouth. I think it bears a strong resemblance to our littlest boy. No?

Drew walked straight up to him and stole the binky right out of the snowman's mouth. Ha!

He wasn't too happy when I put it back on the snowman. :(

All was well with the world again, though, when I pulled out a spare for him. Ha!

This winter has been crazy! We have so enjoyed the 4 snowfalls that we have gotten! It's been snow much fun! Ba-dum-dum-ching! I'll be here all night, folks! ;)


Hannah said...

I think you have a future in journalism! You pun queen you! I love the binky snowman. Poor Drew thought he was going to be binkyless. Way to be prepared Mama!

Holly said...

I LOVE that you bought a fake carrot just in case! That is something I would totally do (and get made fun of, too). :)

I loved seeing your snow pictures. The little snowman is so cute! I hope you had a fun pink and red dinner!

Leah said...

The snow was truly amazing! Those are some great pictures, that I am sure will never be matched least not while we live here!

Your boys look like they had a blast and I adore that snowman. He makes me smile! Love the binky story with the toddler snowman. That will be a fun one to tell over and over to Drew as he grows!

Thanks for sharing in the family snow day!