Saturday, March 13, 2010

5th Birthday Developmental and Sappy Letter Post :)

It's Clayton's 5th birthday! I can hardly believe that my firstborn babe is 5 whole years old!!!

But, the calendar doesn't lie...

At 5 years old, Clayton:

* Recognizes all of his letters and their sounds. Can count to 100 by 1's, 5's, and 10's. Can do some simple math and read a few sight words. He isn't a fan of writing and his handwriting leaves much to be desired. We're working on that, though. Perhaps I shouldn't have such I expectation when it comes to legible handwriting - he is a boy, after all!

* Is hysterical! He makes me laugh until I cry at least once a day. He laughs at himself, too. He has the best laugh ever! It's such sweet music to my ears...

* Loves school! He begs to go to preschool every single day. The first words out of his mouth in the morning are always, "Is today a school day???"

* Still sleeps with his Brownie (stuffed dog) and his nanny (security blanket). They mostly stay in his bed, and I am fine with that. It's the one "babyish" thing that remains.

* Still naps 2 or 3 times a week and sleeps 10-11 hours at night.

* Loves routine and consistency. He says the same prayer every night ("Dear God, Thank you for Mommy & Daddy, Drew. Thank you for dying on the cross to save me from my sins. Please forgive me where I fail you. Amen.). Then we play the "Thank you Jesus for..." game. Then we do secret handshakes and kissing hands.

* Still stinks at sharing his toys. He has never been great at sharing, and I had hoped that having a sibling would help. But... we're still working on it.

I ask Clayton a few questions about his "Favorites at Five." Here are the answers:

Color: Blue
Food: Freebird's burrito (completely shocked me! I just knew he would say chicken nuggets or fish sticks.)
Career Choice: Doctor and Astronaut ("So that if someone is sick on another planet, the I could make them better."
Sport: Soccer (another shocker!)
Show: Tom & Jerry
Animal: Triceratops or Pteranodon
Best friend: "My whole family."
Place to visit: Disneyland
Book: Love You Forever
Superhero: Superman
Song: Jesus Loves Me
Bible Story: David and Goliath
Cereal: Frosted Flakes
Favorite thing about turning 5: Going to Kindergarten

Because birthdays make me feel nostalgic, I've been looking through old pictures. Here are my favorite Clayton pictures of all time... :)

My Dearest Clay Boy,

Five, Five, Five, Five, FIVE?!?!?How is that possible? Has it really been 5 years since they brought me that sweet little bundle of baby blue? I guess it has!

I love you more than I could ever explain to you, and I have so enjoyed the last 5 years with you. You have changed me in such profound ways. After all, you were the one who made me a Mama for the first time. You were my "guinea pig" when it came to this mothering gig. ;) I have failed you oh, so many times, but, by God's grace, you have turned out to be a really great kid.

You have changed so much this year. You ask such mature questions (like, "Does God even love the devil?") and you remember things after being told just once. You are so, so smart! I often tell Daddy that it is hard to parent you because you are already smarter than I am. Ha!

You look just like your Daddy, but you act just like me. You have a precious heart, but you are plagued with some of your Mama's faults (being bossy, sassy, stubborn as all get out, and a super perfectionist). You are a constant negotiator (which I can blame on your Daddy!). You can be sweet as pie when you want to be, but rotten at times as well. You are a really great kid, and I wouldn't change a thing about your personality, even if I could. All of those things are what make you, you.

You love your brother so, so much. I can see the strong bond that you two have, and I pray that it continues to grow even stronger over the years. I hope that you will always protect him and try to be a good example to him. He is looking up to you, you know...

I can really see how the Lord has worked on your heart this year. You ask amazing questions and make my cry at the profoundness of your comments about our faith. I pray that the Lord will keep a firm grip on your heart and that your desire to know Him will grow exponentially with age.

I can't believe that you will be in kindergarten in the fall! I absolutely cannot wrap my mind around that! I try not to get anxious about you going to "real" school. I get a little teary at the thought, to be honest. But, you are sooo excited about kindergarten. It's hard to be sad when I see all of the excitement in your eyes. It's going to be great! I just know it...

I have loved being your Mama for the last 5 years and I look forward with great anticipation to the future.

I love you to the moon and back,