Saturday, March 13, 2010

Clayton is 5!!!

Today was Clayton's 5th birthday!!! I'm still not over the shock of having a 5 year old! That just blows my mind...

We have packed about as much fun as we possibly could into one day! We told Clayton that he could pick (within reason, of course) what we ate and what we did today. He chose to start the day with pancakes. I think that the 5 out of chocolate chips earned me a few bonus points. ;)

Around lunchtime, Aunt Becca, Uncle Jeff, and A & J came into town. Clayton was so excited to see his Aunt, Uncle, and cousins! We loaded up and went to Incredible Pizza for lunch and games. The boys all had a blast! We ate pizza and then got started on the activities. There were bumper cars, mini golf, mini bowling, and GOBS of arcade games. I have a feeling that we will be spending many a birthday at Incredible Pizza in the years to come. Our boy loved it!

Even Drew got to ride a ride!

After leaving Incredible Pizza, we went by Toys R Us to let Clayton pick out a gift. He picked out a new Big Wheel that looks like a motorcycle. He has about worn the wheels off of his first Big Wheel - that thing has ridden a million miles! After that, we went home and he opened another gift from us. I have to preface this by giving some background information...

Wade loves Nascar. He goes to the races at Texas Motor Speedway almost every year. Since Clayton was 2, he has been begging to go to a race with his Daddy. Wade has always said, "When you turn 5, I'll take you to the races." Five seemed so far away 3 years ago... It was always this future goal that Clayton had. He reminded us often that 5 was when he got to go to the races. It was like that was when life was really going to start. Ha!

Well, that time has officially arrived. Wade is going to take Clayton to his first race at the end of this month. It will be a proud moment in the life of our redneck Daddy! ;)

After dinner, Clayton blew out the candles on his birthday cake and made another wish. This time he said, "I wished that I would get everything that I ever want." Smart kid - if only it were that easy! I told him that was one wish that would never come true. He would never get everything that he wanted. He immediately replied, "Can you change your wish after you've already blown the candles out?" I assured him that he could have a do-over. ;)

It has been a looong day, and I am beat! All of the excitement and junk food has caught up with me. :) It has been a happy, happy birthday, for sure! I'm so excited to see what this year holds for our eldest boy! I've have a really good feeling about 5!


Mrs. H said...

Happy birthday, Clayton. you already have the best gift - a Lord and Savior and an amazing family, Mommy, Daddy, and Drew.

Leah said...

Wow, what a fun day for your 5 five year old! Happy Birthday sweet Clayton!

How is it that he really, actually looks older in those pictures, too?

What a big boy! Love the bumper car picture...that mischievous smile is my fave!!!!

Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

What an awesome bday! I can't believe he's 5 either!! How is Drew?? So sad we missed y'all this time around, but we'll be back soon!