Sunday, March 07, 2010

Clayton's 5th Birthday Party

Way back in October, our friends, The Heges, came to Texas to visit us. We took them to Cabela's one afternoon to look around and see all of the animals/fish. While we were in the elevator, Will read a sign that said that you could have Birthday Parties at Cabela's. Well, Clayton decided then and there that he was going to have his next birthday party at Cabela's. I was sure that would change in the next 6 months, but it didn't. He stuck to his party request. :)

So, a Cabela's camping party it was! It was a neat place for a birthday party, for sure! They had a nice party room, scavenger hunt forms for the kids, tokens for the shooting gallery, and fish food for the trout pond. Perfect for a {almost} 5 year old boy!

The most ironic thing about the party, though, was that it was almost all girls. Ha ha! Clayton, Drew, and Luke were the only male representatives. We had invited 5 other little boys, but they all had scheduling conflicts/illness. So... the girls were all good sports and played along with all of the boyish games and activities. :)

My 4 and 51/52nds year old boy!
(That's right, I'm hanging on tight to this last week of him being 4!)

By the way, that is camo face paint on his face - not dirt. I just felt the need to clarify...

His cake turned out awesome! Good ole' Tom Thumb did a great job!

Everyone tried out the Shooting gallery - even the adults. :)

Now that is a serious shooting face, if I've ever seen one!

I asked Clayton after the party what he wished for when he blew out his candles.
He said (in a whisper), "I wished that we would get a Triceratops as a pet."
Ha ha ha! Silly boy!

Papaw fed Drew some cake.

Surprise, surprise, he liked it. ;)

Doug led the kids on the scavenger hunt. They got really into it!
Thanks, Doug, for making it so much fun!

Looking for the 2 different kinds of "Moose" fudge...
The answer was "Moose Drool fudge" and "Moose Poo fudge".
Doesn't sound too appetizing to me...

Feeding the trout in the trout pond at the end of the party.

Do you think he enjoyed his party?!?!

Drew got to feed the fish, too.

It was a fun party! Thanks to all of our friends & family that made the day so special! We love you all!

P.S. If this post makes no sense at all, I totally have an excuse. Wade & I were both feeling pretty bad on Saturday morning. We took cold medicine and pressed through the party. But, today we both feel awful. :( We attempted more medicine this morning, hoping that we could make it to church. But, alas, the nose-blowing and sneezing didn't stop. Hopefully, this won't last long... Mamas can't be sick!


robineilene said...

Can I just say that yesterday when I saw on facebook that Jay and Ashley were "headed to Clayton's party" I got so excited! I couldn't wait to read what hilarious things he said/did at his party! (The triceratops as a pet part didn't disappoint!)

Scuba diarrhea is still my favorite Clayton-ism yet though! ;)

Happy Birthday Clayton! (Even though you have no idea who I am!)

Leah said...

The party was so fun!!! Thanks for including us. Hope you guys are on the mend and feeling better soon!

Call if you need anything at all!

Mrs. H said...

What a great party. Clayton's mom is the best party giver. The cake was amazing. Clayton did look like he had a fun filled day.

Allergies are the "pits". Thank you for the Skype - even after a party and feeling awful. I love actually seeing you two. Clayton seemed to enjoy each of his presents. He enjoyed showing his Gran them all.

Holly said...

What a fun party! I was SO sorry to miss so I enjoyed seeing the pictures. Happy Birthday, Clayton!

I'm so sorry you're both sick! Please call if we can do anything.

Leslie said...

Oh, I can only imagine how much fun a Cabela's party was! Happy Birthday, sweet Clayton! Hope you guys feel better soon! We miss you!