Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Today was Clayton's last day of Mother's Day Out until after the new year. They had their Happy Birthday, Jesus party. They had a pizza party and all the little ones brought gifts to their teachers. It was so cute! We got home and I laid Clayton down for his nap. He said, "Mommy, Mary and Joseph traveled on a donkey to Bethlehem." I said, "Very good! Where did you learn that?" He said, "Ms. Loretta told me that." It's good to know that his teachers are stressing the real reason for the season.

P.S. Clayton slept in his own bed again last night - for the whole night. I'm glad that we are back in the swing of our normal routine. Ahhh... life is good.

P.P.S. Please notice Clayton's Christmas tee shirt. He made it with his cousins at Thanksgiving. The reindeer heads are his thumbprints. :)


Albus Adventures said...

I love the shirt! Great idea! We are looking forward to seeing you this weekend!