Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Big Apple

We just got back from a wonderful trip to New York! Wade and I had been to NYC in December of 2003, and we had an amazing time. I kept telling Wade that it was the best place in the world to be at Christmas time. Well... Wade's cousin, Kelli, and her husband, Doug, live in NY now. We jumped at the opportunity to visit them for a few days. They graciously allowed us to stay with them and Wade used his miles for our airline tickets. So... it was a very economical trip. Doug & Kelli were wonderful hosts. Seriously, they were awesome. They helped us a ton with Clayton, they took a million of our pictures, they took us all over the city, they were just great... Thank you so, so much Doug & Kelli!

Here is a "brief" synopsis of our week:

Wednesday: Clayton did awesome on the plane. I was so relieved! He slept for a good bit of the flight and was quiet, and content for the remainder. We took a little rest at Doug & Kelli's apartment, then it was off to the city. We went to Rockefeller Center to see the tree and all of the beautiful decorations. It was just as amazing the second time around! Then we went to FAO Schwartz. Clayton was in heaven. He was in total sensory overload! Kelli said that she could see him mentally preparing for what he was going to ask Santa for. he he he

Thursday: Kelli encouraged us to take Clayton to see Santa at Macy's. She couldn't have picked a better place. He was sooo excited to see Mr. Claus. He ran up to him and jumped in his lap, screaming, "Santa! Santa!" It was the cutest thing ever! He told him that he wanted a train table for Christmas. He also asked Santa to get the birds out of our chimney. What a nut! It was so fun to see my little boy in total awe of Santa. Completely priceless! After seeing Santa, we went to Toys R Us. We rode the ferris wheel and got to meet Geoffrey. Clayton was thrilled! After a nap, we went to the Carnegie deli. They have the best cheesecake that I have ever put in my mouth. Awesome! After dinner, we went to see The Grinch on Broadway. Clayton's mouth was wide open and he belly laughed through the whole thing. It was a spectacular performance. We all loved it!

Friday: We went to Chinatown to shop. I had been to Chinatown before, but not with a real New Yorker... Kelli managed to get us up to these secret rooms filled with knock-offs. Wade had to stay downstairs with the stroller. He said that he was certain that he was about to be on an episode of Cops. So funny! Shady... but funny. After a good nap, we met Doug at Central Park to go ice skating. I wasn't sure how Clayton would do. I figured that he would make one lap and be done. Much to my surprise, he LOVED ice skating. Wade, Doug, and Kelli took turns holding onto his hands and pulling him around the ice. At one point, Wade & Doug each had one of Clayton's hands. Wade looked over at Doug and said, "You do realize that everyone here thinks that we are gay dads, right?" :)

Saturday: We were all exhausted from a very busy 3 days. Kelli, Clayton, and I decided to take a day of rest. Wade & Doug spent their day on a tour of Yankee Stadium. Apparently, it is going to be torn down next year, so Wade really wanted to see it this visit. They got to go in the dugout and in the locker room. They said that it was really cool. On Saturday night, Wade, Clayton, and I met our friends Chris & Amanda for dinner. Chris and I went to high school & college together. He and Wade became good friends through the years. Chris got married to Amanda in August of '06 and we have really enjoyed getting to know her, as well. They now live in New Jersey, and were kind enough to take a train ride into the city to meet us for dinner. It was so fun to get to see them!

Sunday: Clayton woke up with a fever and was coughing really bad. We called our pediatrician and she called in a nebulizer and medicine to the pharmacy by Doug & Kelli's apartment. (Dr. Grace will always be a saint in my book. :) After a few breathing treatments, Clayton was feeling a little better. We still kept him inside for the whole day, though. Wade & Doug took sick kid duty, while Kelli & I went to Serendipity's. We ate a wonderful lunch and drank frozen hot chocolates. YUM!!! When we sat down, I noticed that Kenny Rogers and his wife and manager were sitting at the next table. Crazy! A yummy lunch and a celebrity spotting... what a great afternoon! Monday: The flight home wasn't as pleasant as the one there, but Clayton still did really well. He got really antsy towards the end of the 3.5 hour flight. But... who could blame him? We had a delay at the airport and he was sick. I have to say that my little guy did pretty well. We had an amazing trip and I am so thankful that everything turned out the way that it did.

Ready for Take Off!
Brushing Up on His Flight Safety
Drinking Ginger Ale and watching the Grinch - Does life get any better???
Family Pic at Rockefeller Center
A Cold Clay-Boy
Playing with Daddy at FAO Schwartz
With the "toy soldier" at FAO
The New Year's Ball from Times Square
Telling Santa what he wants...
Clayton is loving Santa!
Riding the ferris wheel at Toys R Us
Playing with a HUGE train table
Meeting Geoffrey at Toys R Us
After watching the Grinch
Ice Skating at Central Park
Taking a break while they cleaned the ice.
Family Ice Skating Pic
Skating with Kelli & Doug
Tour of Yankee Stadium
Wade & Doug at Yankee Stadium
Clayton snuggling with Doug
Daddy & Clayton waiting for our flight home


Albus Adventures said...

I love it! I couldn't wait to see the pictures! I'm glad that ya'll had so much fun even though Clayton got sick. We are looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

Kati said...

Sarah!!! Did you know that Gordon and I are going to NYC next weekend? That's so crazy! It made me super excited to read your post! Wish we could've been there at the same time! ;-)

Chris & Amanda Farrell said...

It was alot of fun hanging out with you guys and can't wait to see you again soon!