Sunday, December 30, 2007

Goals for '08

I've never really been one for New Year's Resolutions. It just seems a bit cheesey to me. But... now that I am not working, I don't have a yearly review and goals for the coming year. I am a total type A personality. I thrive on lists, rules, goals, etc. So, I have decided to make my own "goals" for the coming year. They are as follows:

1. To drink more water. (I am ashamed to say that I live on Coke Zeros, Ginger Ale, the occasional "real" Dr. Pepper, and a Propel a day.)

2. To learn to really cook. I am spoiled rotten by a husband that loves to cook and is very good at it. I do still cook on a fairly regular basis - just not very well. I would like to expand my culinary repertoire beyond boneless, skinless chicken breasts and ground beef. :)

3. To find and purchase the perfect house. I never realized how much I would miss decorating my house until we became renters again. I haven't hung a single picture up, and I am sick of living with stark white walls.

4. To join a women's bible study. I have been wanting to get back into a study for awhile now, but my erratic work schedule didn't allow me to do so. When I quit my job in September, all the fall studies in our area had already started.

5. To get caught up with my scrapbooking. I am 6 months behind in Clayton's album and have been promising Wade a scrapbook of our travels together for 2 years now. (Although, I must admit that I don't know a single scrapbooker that stays caught up. Doesn't being behind just come with the territory of that hobby?)

6. To worry less. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a chronic worrier. Wade quotes the scripture, "Why do you worry about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field..." to me on a daily basis. I stew on things and bite my nails rather than turning it over to the Lord. I really should work on that!

7. To be a better wife. I am starting to fall into that pattern of being a full time mom and forgetting about my poor hubby. Wade is such an amazing husband, and he deserves an equally amazing wife. I am going to try to concentrate more on Date Night and less on Play Dates.

8. To keep in better contact with my girlfriends. I have the most amazing girlfriends in the entire world! I just tend to rely too heavily on email, and will try to make more of an effort to pick up the phone for a true chat session. (It just means more when you hear your friend's voice than when you read what they typed - even if your 2 year-old is constantly interrupting.)

I'm sure that there are more areas of my life that I need to work on, but that will do for now. If I accomplish all of the above in the coming year, I will be one happy lady! What are your goals for 2008? Maybe we can keep each other accountable.

Happy New Year!


Matt said...

Those are some great goals, Sarah. I'm so not a Type A personality. I'm a 'big picture' kinda gal, so my goal is a great year :) HAHAHA! This type of personality is not really in congruence with being a teacher or a bookkeeper!!!! Oh well. "It'll work out!"

Albus Adventures said...

Those are very well thought out goals and I think that with the Lords help you can surely keep them. I think that being a better wife is one of those on going goals that we all have to work on every day and I KNOW that every scrapbooker I know is at least 6 months behind, most are years behind. You are doing great! I'm so proud of you.

Jeff said...

These are some great goals. The last day of the year we wrote out our goals for the year, and we look forward to seeing how GOD is going to bless us as we fulfill our 2008 goals