Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Morning Pics

We finally got what we needed to load my pictures onto this laptop. So... here are a few pics from Christmas morning. Clayton was so fun to watch this year! When he woke up, we went into his room and told him that Santa had come. He said, "Did he eat my cookies?" quickly followed by, "Did he leave me any presents?" He was thrilled with all his toys. He touched each thing one by one and made a comment. He would say, "Cool!" or just squeal with joy. He was really excited about his Diego bike (which he pronounces Ga-day-go). I say this every year, but it was the best Christmas ever. :)

This boy loves him some Little Einsteins.

Posing with all his loot.

He couldn't wait to ride his Ga-day-go bike.

Sweet cousin Kaylee helps Clayton learn to ride.

Can you tell by the glazed over eyes that we didn't get a nap on Christmas? :)


Chris & Amanda Farrell said...

Looks like Clayton got some good loot. Oh to be a kid again!

Becca said...

Lucky kid!