Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Traditions... What's yours?

It seems like every family has their own unique Christmas traditions. As a person who enjoys stability and hates change, I love traditions. Here are a few of our family traditions:

My Family (The Hendricksons): Every year we get to open one present on Christmas Eve (Mom picks the present). It is always our Christmas pajamas. We all sleep in them on Christmas Eve and take a picture in our jamies on Christmas morning. We also always got an orange in our stocking.

Wade's Family (The Carpenters): Wade's Mom recently started a new tradition called Christmas Pie. We all bring $1 wrapped items and hide them under this big felt circle (so they are hidden). We then take turns pulling strings to get our presents. It is fun to open a bunch of presents and to see what everyone got for a dollar. We then turn over the "pie crust" and write a comment on the back.

Wade's Mamaw's Side: Every year we read the Christmas story in Luke before we open presents. It is a nice way of reminding us all what Christmas is all about.

Wade's Grandmom's Side: We have bake day every year. This year we did bake day at our house. (Pictures from today's bake day are posted below.) All the girls get together and make different cookies and treats. Then we split them all up so that everyone gets to take some of each thing home. (Being that I am a remedial cook/baker, my recipes usually flop.) Today the boys all went golfing while we baked and played Yahtzee. It is just fun to hang out together (as a bonus you get to eat all day and go home with yummy goodies.)

So... what are your family traditions? Post a comment to share them with me. :)