Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas with Grammie and Papaw

With so much family to share Christmas with, it is difficult to schedule a time for everyone. This year, Wade's Mom & Dad decided to have their Christmas early (today). It was a fun way to get the celebrations started! Wade's parents go all out for Christmas. They buy WAY too much for all of us and plan fun games and activities. We used to have a competition each year (cookie decorating, miniature Christmas tree decorating, gingerbread house decorating). Wade & his sister are both extremely competitive, so the competitions got pretty heated. They would last for hours and hours. Now that we all have kids, we have shorter competitions. So... we shot snowmen with marshmallow guns and shot cans with dart guns. It was really fun.

This year Corey & Leigh Ann got Clayton a rocket. He was so excited! His favorite show (at the moment) is Little Einsteins. Corey mentioned to him several months ago that he could build Clayton a rocket. Clayton has hounded Corey about that rocket every time that he talks to him. He would say, "Corey, have you finished my rocket yet?" Well... Uncle Corey pulled through with a GREAT rocket! Clayton has been "going to the moon" in it all night. He also got a workbench (with power tools), several games, clothes, and a big wheel. What a lucky boy! The girls got matching microphones that were on stands and really amplified their voices. All the kids had fun "jamming out" to Christmas carols. Even Grammie got in on the action! Fun times were had by all. Let the Christmas celebrations begin! Yippee!