Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Back to School!

This was a big Back to School year for our family - our Owen started Kindergarten!  I can hardly believe that all of our children are officially school aged.  So bittersweet!  But, alas, it happened.  Big, bad Kindergarten stole my baby!  :(

We did lots of Kindergarten prep and read all of our Kinder books that we have acquired over the years...

When the actual day came, our littlest was a bit of a sleepy head...
 We continued our Back to School tradition of breakfast in bed.  That perked them all right up!  Daddy made pancakes, bacon, and chocolate milk.

 They obliged me with a few pictures...  Seeing all of my babies in their uniforms with backpacks.  Ugh- it's so true...  The days are long but the years are short!

 We dropped Owen off first.  He acted like a pro!  He just walked right in there, hung up his backpack, put his binder in his cubbie, and put his water bottle in its spot as well.  A quick hug & kiss, then he was sitting on the rug playing legos with a friend.  Success!
 Mrs. Hendley will be his Math teacher.

 Mrs. Wallace will teach everything else.

 So proud of our baby!
Next we dropped off our big 2nd grader!
 Same thing with him - backpack hung up, binder in cubbie, water bottle put up.  Bam.
 Mrs. Lovelace is his homeroom/Math teacher.  She's an Aggie, which I am super happy about.  Drew is not.  ;)
 Mrs. Mobley teaches Language Arts & History
 Mrs. Stark teaches Writing, Grammar, and Science
 Our little school does half days for the first week for our Kindergarteners.  I am so thankful that they ease us (kids & parents!) in.  It made it slightly easier on my Mama heart to know that I got to pick him up at 11:30, and he would only be there for 3 hours.  I teased that I was just going to wait in the parking lot.  Ha!

On Day 2, he was all smiles to go back!  Yay!
I picked him up at 11:30, and we had a little Chick-fil-a date.  :)  He fell asleep on the way back to school to pick up his brothers.  Kindergarten is exhausting!
 There was a huge thunderstorm right at pick up time on the first day.  That made pick up a mess!  It also delayed our Back to School pool tradition with the Hunt chicas.  :(  We made up for it on the second day of school, though!
 We couldn't quite get down the timing on our synchronized jump into the pool..  Owen jumped the gun a bit...
 The bigs jumped together...

 And Sadie jumped last.  Ha!
 We are so thankful for our little school and look forward to another wonderful year!