Friday, August 05, 2016

Sunday School Teachers 2015-2016

Our kids have had the sweetest Sunday School teachers this year!  Absolutely amazing!  We are so grateful for the time and energy that they have invested in our kids!

Miss Peggy & Mrs. Mary
Mrs. Mary taught Owen about the Ark of the Covenant - He came home to tell me that the Ark was God's presence with the Israelites.  Inside were the 2 tablets of the 10 commandments, manna, and Aaron's staff.  He's in preK!  I didn't know about the Ark until High School!  These ladies were great!
 Sweet Mrs. Eileen - she loves these kids so much that she taught them in VBS as well.  She is so kind!
 Clayton loved having Mr. & Mrs. Slack and Mr. & Mrs. Van Alystne as his teachers!  They taught him soooo much!
 Mrs. Carolyn - so precious!
 Mrs. Becky was always sending Drew postcards and mail.
 Mrs. Dinnia
 Mr. Mark built every child in their class (about 12) a replica of the Temple out of cardboard and wood.  It is awesome!  It has the Holy of Holies with the curtain and everything.  Such a treasure!
 Sweet Mrs. Peggy was always smiling and so cheerful!
I hope that these boys always remember the adults that serve the Lord by pouring into them.  We are so grateful!