Sunday, August 21, 2016

New Kid on the Pew

At our church, starting in Kindergarten, kids start going to "big church" with their families.  Our Children's Ministry makes it into a fun, celebration of this milestone.  They do a great job of making it a memorable event for the kids!  On the Wednesday before their first Sunday in worship, they got to go to a little training/party.  They got to get familiar with the order of service, look up hymns, see the children's bulletin, and pass around an offering plate.  It was a neat way to prepare them for Sunday!

After the order of service training time, the kids got to assemble their New Kid on the Pew bag with bookmarks to find the hymns and the scripture prior to the service starting.  They also got play dough, notebooks, crayons, and pipe cleaners.

 I'm so thankful for the way that our Children's Director prepared Owen, because he did awesome in service!  He participated in the worship songs, sat quietly during the sermon, and put his offering in the offering plate.  We were so proud of our little buddy!

Having all three of our children with us during worship is so neat!  I love that our church equips our children and us, as parents, to enjoy service as a family!