Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lambo Experience

Our Daddy works so hard to provide for our family and goes above and beyond to spend every waking moment serving our family and investing in our boys.  We wanted to get him a super fun Father's Day gift, so we collaborated with Leah & the girls.  Leah suggested renting an exotic car, but that was a bit out of our price range.  I loved the idea, though!  When I stumbled upon a Groupon for Drive Exotica, we jumped on it!

The Groupon allowed Wade & Todd to drive a Lamborghini LP560-4 for 7 laps on their 1.3 mile closed course.  They were super pumped!  We scheduled their drive time for this past Saturday, and it ended up being such a fun experience for the whole family!

These cuties played with Hot Wheels cars while their Daddies watched the safety video.
C had his eye on this red Ferrari - dream on, Buddy!  :)
Safety first!

And he's off...!

The changes in elevation and some tight turns made the course fun for our guys.

Look at that smile - I think he had a good time!  ;)

Wade's instructor was so nice!  He let the boys sit in the Lambo and check it out.  They thought that was way cool!

They got to see the Maserati too.

We topped it all off with a late lunch at Babe's.  It was a fun Dude Day for our Daddies!