Thursday, September 01, 2016

Rangers vs. Mariners

Our first home school day of the year was yesterday.  We didn't have much work, so the boys were finished by 10am.  We had gotten them the Jr. Fan Club backpack (for $20) at Fan Fest back in January.  Inside the backpack, there were 3 free kids tickets to any Sunday-Thursday game.  On Wednesday, we realized that we hadn't used them, the kids were done with school early, it was dollar hot dog day, and it was half priced admission for Wade and I...  So, it seemed only logical to go to the game!

We had a great time!  The Rangers played the Mariners, and it was such a good game!  There were 4 home runs and a grand slam!  So fun to watch!  They ended up beating Seattle 14-1.  Go Rangers!

 Trying to be artsy  :)
 Owen got these Elvis sunglasses as a birthday party favor, and they are his favorite!  He wears them constantly.  ;)