Saturday, September 17, 2016

Owen's First Baseball Game!

After 5 years of watching his brothers play sports, it is finally Owen's turn to play ball!  He is soooo excited!  He has been waiting in the stands for years, and now he is on the field himself!  He had his first game last night, and he did awesome!!!  He is playing modified tee ball.  The kids get 3 pitches, if they aren't able to hit any of them, they get the chance to hit off of the tee.  Owen hit one of the pitched balls at each of his at bats.  Yay!  We sure are proud of our baby ball player!

 Can you tell that he is stoked about playing ball?!?!

 He knew that he was about to score...  ;)
 His first ever time to score a run!!!  Going...

 Cute little third baseman!

 The kids can hit off of the tee until they hit the ball, and there are no outs.  So... the score was tied at the end of the game.  What a surprise!  ;)

Go Twins!!!  We are so proud of #10!