Monday, September 19, 2016

My Forgetful Drew

Oh my Drew...  I sure love that kid!  He is so handsome, smart, and funny!  He makes amazing grades and grasps new concepts almost immediately.  What a joy he is!

But... the boy is so stinkin' forgetful when it comes to everyday life!  He makes me a little crazy with his absent minded antics!  In April, we got all of the way to school and parked in the parking lot before he announced, "Oh man!  I forgot to put on shoes!"  We got our first tardy slip because we had to run home to get his shoes.  Mercy.

Then this Sunday, we followed our same exact usual routine.  I iron and set out the boys' clothes on Saturday nights.  On Sunday mornings, they all dress themselves and we go to church.  This week, we got to our Adult Bible Study room and I looked at Drew.  I realized that our crazy kiddo was still in his sleep shorts!  He neglected to put on the khakis that I had laid out for him!  Sheesh.

It is a good thing that he is gorgeous, smart as a whip, and makes us all belly laugh!  Otherwise, these little goof ups wouldn't be so funny.  Ha!