Saturday, December 19, 2015

Preschool Christmas Program - December 17, 2015

Our Owie Owie Oster had his Christmas program on December 17th.  It occurred to me that it was the last ever preschool Christmas program for my kiddos, and that was enough to make my heart ache a little.  :(  But, then it was such a cute program, that I decided it was a good note to end on.  Pun intended.  ;)

They had taken the kids' pictures one day and made a slide show.  I only wish that they had given us a little warning.  I probably would have chosen a Christmasy shirt.  ;)
 He smiles so big when he spotted us!  Dang, I love that kid!

 He did all of his little motions and was quite the performer.  :)

 Between song antics  ;)
 I mean... a group of pre-Kers acting out the nativity...  Precious!
 My boy got was chosen to hold an "H" for one of the songs, and he didn't even tell me that he had a special part!  Boys.  :)

 Owen loves Mrs. G. and Mrs. R!
 Mrs. M was his teacher last year in the 3s class, but switched to Music this year.  So, O gets to have her again.  He is crazy about her - hugs her every chance that he gets!  :)
 The most handsome preschooler in all of the land!  :)