Wednesday, December 16, 2015

ACA Christmas Program - December 15, 2015

Our sweet little school had their Christmas Program on December 15th.  The teachers and students worked so, so hard on preparing the kids for their drama rolls, speaking parts, solos, and group songs.  It was really a wonderful performance!

 Clayton had auditioned for a speaking part, and was thrilled to get a part with several lines.  I could see him nervously pacing while he waited for his turn.  Bless his heart!
 I must have been nervous too, because every picture that I took looks like this!  Completely blurry from my hands shaking.  Trust me when I say that he looked very dapper and sounded polished.  ;)
 C is taking choir as one of his electives and he LOOOVES it!  Apparently, he is the only bass in the choir.  ;)
 This sweet 7th grader has taken Clayton under her wing and is so sweet to him!  Her mom said that she always wanted a little brother and says that she sees Clayton that way.  Such a doll!
 The Fabulous Five!  I sure love these little stair stepped besties!  (Although, Mags is catching up with Clayton quick!  He better eat his veggies or spike his hair up a little higher!)
 Ah, Mrs. Martin...  She is as precious as they come!  She is always so sweet to my boys, and she and Clayton get along really well.  She is expecting a baby boy, and we are over the moon for her!

 Clayton and one of his best buds since Kinder

We just love our little school and all of the people that work so hard to make it great for our kids!