Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Carpenter Christmas - December 22, 2015

On December 22nd, we were able to host my mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister and brother-in-law, and nieces for our little Christmas.  It was so much fun!  My mother-in-law & father-in-law are so sweet to provide a huge meal and plan really fun games for our crew!  I seriously cannot imagine a better parents-in-law - they are the best of the best!

 These cousins are the cutest!
 These two are hilarious - they schemed over Thanksgiving and asked Grammie to get them these windshield wiper glasses.  Ha!
 Christmas Pie time!
 This was the point in the afternoon when we all started to look like bank robbers.  Ha!
This game required us to put black pantyhose over our heads.  So funny!

 Both of our second born children opted out of the pantyhose.  Drew lasted approximately 2 seconds (long enough for me to snap a picture) before he freaked out.  There were tears.  Lots of tears.  Bless his heart.

 I thought that my bro-in-law was the funniest of all of our family of bank robbers.  I can't look at this picture without laughing!
 Me & Leigh  :)
 The matriarch and patriarch of the bank robber family
 Owen looked like a Who from Whoville  ;)

 My MIL brings prizes too!  I was super stoked when Wade won the smores kit.  Yum-O!
 At present time, Drew got a Rival Nerf Gun.  Clayton started shaking in his boots a little bit.
 We had gone in together to get Grammie & Papaw a big present...  Close your eyes...
 We got them bikes!  After years of buying bikes for their kids & grandkids, we got to return the favor!  They were so cute in their enthusiasm!  They just hopped right on and zipped down the street.  They're so cute, right???
Thanks, Marsha & Terry, for a wonderful Christmas!  We are so very grateful!