Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Day

It's Christmas!  It's Christmas!  So exciting!!!

 Owen's Gifts
 Drew's Gifts
 Clayton's Gifts
 Clayton was up super early...

 The little two woke up about an hour later...  Still with sleepy eyes and bed head.  ;)

 Owen doesn't wear a shirt very often.  It is such a normal thing to me, that I didn't even think to ask him to put on his jammie shirt.  So... he's half naked in all of our Christmas pictures.  Oh well....  ;)

 The boys had their snowman and reindeer donuts while Wade & I had a berry strata and sausage.  Yum!
 Clayton was really excited to get a slack line.
 And O was thrilled with his Cowboys jersey and helmet.
 It was 73 degrees on Christmas day!  73 degrees.  It was wild!  It sure didn't feel like Christmas!  But... it was nice to let the kids ride on all of their Christmas presents and eat their lunch picnic style in the driveway.  :)
 Short sleeves and shorts.  On Christmas.  Only in Texas!
 Drew's scooter shoots sparks out of the back when you press down while you are riding.  He thought that it was the coolest thing!

It was a very Merry Christmas at the Carpenter Casa!