Saturday, November 08, 2014

Drew Soccer - Fall 2014

It cracks me up that my docile, easy-going, gentle, sweet Drew has come to love an aggressive sport like soccer.  Who would've thunk it???  However, that boy flips a switch on the field and is laser focused on scoring goals.  He will fight for the ball with the best of them!  I love that he has found a sport that he really enjoys.  :)

This season, Drew was #5 on the Jedi Knights.  He got to play with one of his best buds from church and school.  His coach learned really quick that he couldn't put Drew & Luke on the field together at the same time.  They spent a lot more time talking on the field than actually playing.  Ha!

Drew had a great season and was able to score many goals.  I think his record was 5 in one game...?  We are so proud of our little soccer player!

Excessive celebration?  Maybe.  Pure Kindergartener cuteness?  For sure!

Drew sticks his tongue out when he is concentrating - it is a quirky, cute little thing about him right now.  Let's just say that his tongue was out 99% of the time that he was playing soccer this season.  Ha!
Looking at us to make sure that we saw his goal.  ;)

Oh, that tongue...  Too funny!

Celebratory dance.  ;)

Happy Boy!

That, my friends, is a good game face.  These three were masters of intimidation.  Haha!

Is there anything better than a shiny, new trophy when you are 6???
Cute team of boys!

It was a great season cheering on the Jedi Knights!  We are already looking forward to Spring soccer.  :)