Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bringing Home Brody

Wade & I had been talking for months about getting the boys a puppy for Christmas.  I was a bit reluctant but caved under the circumstances that we get a chocolate mini Golden Doodle.  Wade agreed to that stipulation, so we moved forward in the process.  ;)

We found a breeder that had the sweetest litter of puppies!  When we saw their little faces online, we decided to pull the trigger.  I mean...  So cute!

 This little fella especially caught our eye!
We wanted to keep the puppy a secret, so Mrs. Jamie came to watch the boys on 11/22 so that we could drive to Oklahoma and pick out our puppy.

They were all so adorable!  I am not much of an animal person, but I fell hard for these sweet little things!  I may have even asked Wade if we could get two.  Haha!

We ended up choosing the sweet little male with a white diamond on his chest.  We were so excited!  We brainstormed names all of the way home.  :)

The puppies weren't old enough to be adopted until November 24th.  You better believe that Wade went that day to pick up our little sweetie!  Auntie Leah watched Brody until the boys went to sleep.  Then we made a plan for giving the boys their puppy in the morning.

We had already put up our Christmas decorations in anticipation of giving the boys the first present of Christmas.  ;)  On November 25th, exactly one month before Christmas, we put a bow on our sweet puppy and hung him in a stocking on the fireplace.

When the boys woke up, they came downstairs to see the big surprise!

 It was instant puppy love x 3!  :)

 The boys started talking about names immediately.  We suggested Brody, and Clayton said, "That's perfect because he is our fourth Bro!"  Haha!  The boys call each other "Bro," "Bro-cha-cho," and "Bro-tato-chip" so Brody was born into a whole slew of nicknames.  ;)

 Brody's first bath - November 27th

We're looking forward to many years of joy with our sweet Brody Boy!