Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Clayton Baseball - Fall 2014

Clayton played baseball for the White Sox this season.  We have had such wonderful coaches through KYA.  This season was no exception - we loved Clayton's coaches!  They were encouraging, hilarious, excellent teachers, and extremely kind.  You could tell that they put so much time and effort into helping these boys.  We truly could not have been happier with the coaching this season.

Fall 2014 White Sox
They were a fun bunch.  :)

Coach Raul was really kind to let the boys try any position that they wanted.  Clayton asked to try pitching, so Coach gave him several opportunities.  C enjoyed it, but he said that he enjoys 2nd base the more.

 A couple of Clayton's school friends played for the Mets.  They drummed up quite the rivalry at school before the two games that they played against each other.  ;)
 Grammie and Papaw brought the girlies to a game to cheer on our boy.

 Mrs. Leah and the girls came to a game as well.

 I love these five sillies!

 Clayton earned the game ball on 10/18 for an awesome play at 2nd.

Coach Raul elected a Team Captain before each game.  The Captain got to lead the team, turn in the line up, and be included in the coaches' talk to the umpires before the game.  Clayton was the Captain on 10/20.

Coach Raul introduced the Captain and said a few kind things about the player before the game.  Coach complimented Clayton on his improvement with hitting and the fact that he won the "King of the Swing" game at practice that week.  We were so proud of our little ball player!

Fall 2014 was a really fun season!  We are already getting excited about the Spring.  There is a draft in the Spring, so there is definitely a good chance that Clayton won't end up on the same team.  We have our fingers crossed, and trust that he will end up exactly where he is supposed to.  I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that he will enjoy playing and learn a lot about the game.  That's what it is all about, right?  :)