Monday, November 24, 2014

Kindergarten Feast - November 20, 2014

Isn't Kindergarten the best?  I mean, seriously.  So much fun.  Drew has loved his Kinder year, and so have I.  He has learned a ton and made some great memories in the process.  I couldn't ask for more.  :)

Drew's Thanksgiving Feast was on November 20th.  It was adorable, as expected.  :)

The kids each decorated a turkey in disguise to avoid their Thanksgiving fate.
Drew wanted his turkey to be a "Duck Dynasty guy" - complete with camo and a beard to disguise his gobble.
 They recited a cute little rhyme.
 Love this sweet little pilgrim of mine.  :)
 They made placemats with a list of everything that they are thankful for.  Drew wrote, "God, Mom, Dad, Clayton, friends, Jesus, school, Owen, church."  Precious child...
 Sweet Mrs. M.  When I prayed for Drew's Kindergarten teacher - she is exactly what I pictured.  We love her!

I sure am thankful for my Drew, his darling school friends, and our wonderful school.  Blessings upon blessings!  :)