Monday, November 03, 2014

Halloween Happenings 2014

This year was definitely the year of the superhero at the Carpenter Casa!  Our boys chose Captain America, Thor, and Spiderman costumes.  They were pretty cute, if I do say so!

My sister, brother in law, and nephews came for a visit and we took the boys to "Brick or Treat" at Legoland.  The boys had a ball!  We had another Thor, the Hulk, and a precious little monkey to add to the mix.  I've never felt so safe!  ;)

We got to see the girls in costume at their church's trunk or treat.  Mak helped with a Duck Dynasty car, and Morgan was a pop star. 
The boys had Storybook Character Day on October 30th.  Drew brought his Superhero Storybook and dressed as Thor.  Clayton brought a book about the Airforce and dressed as a fighter pilot.
I had the bright idea to carve pumpkins with the boys while Wade was out of town.  Drew chose an intricate Ninja Turtle pattern online, and Clayton freehanded a design.  Then they played and watched TV for an hour while their Mama scooped pumpkin guts, carved away with a mini saw, and tried not to butcher the whole thing.  At what point will they carve their own pumpkins???

They were pretty happy with the end result.  ;)

On Halloween night, Owen decided that he didn't want to wear his mask.  Three year olds are so fickle!  So... we improvised with some face paint.  :)

Our sweet neighbor, Mrs. Katy, was kind enough to haul Owen around in the wagon all night.  She is a saint!  I was just going to make him walk, but he sure did enjoy the ride in between houses.  Check out that Cheshire Cat grin!  He knows that he has it good!
 Wade was the cutest candy-passer-outer in town!  ;)
These crazies ended up with an insane amount of candy!  I put it all in one bag and weighed it.  17 pounds, I kid you not!