Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fondue Rendezvous

On March 16th, Wade & I were able to meet up with my college roommates for our annual Fondue Rendezvous.  We had the best time!  We missed Thia something awful, and know that it would have been even more fun if she could have joined us.  Love you, Thia!  :)

I count these girls among God's biggest blessings in my life.  I know that my college days could have been quite different if God hadn't surrounded me with other young women who love the Lord.  I pray the very same blessing for my boys in their future - godly friends that will encourage them and lift them up!

Laura, Katie, Traci, Me, Halie (and Baby Cole)
 Wes & Katie, CJ & Traci, Halie & Steve, Laura & Alex, Wade & I
We did laugh quite a bit this year about how our conversation has changed over the years.  When Fondue Rendezvous started, several of us were still in college.  There were hushed conversations in the kitchen between the 6 of us about boyfriends in the next room.  There was a nervous energy whenever someone dropped something in the fondue pot - would they kiss their date in front of everyone?!?!  Lots of giggling those first few years...  This year we compared "sporty" features on mini-vans, discussed various aspects of dental hygiene/flossing, rearranged seating based to make sure that our "good ear" was in the proper position for maximum hearing, and discussed blood pressure medications.  Good gracious, we are getting old!  Ha ha!  I kid.  I kid. 

It was super fun to hear about what is going on in each of these couples' lives.  There was a new baby to hold, a darling pregnant belly to rub, and well wishes to give Traci & CJ as they prepare to move to Kenya as missionaries.  It was a sweet, sweet night of fellowship with some people that I dearly love.  :)


Matt and Cindy Fleharty said...

Love this group!! So wish I could've been there! I could've definitely contributed to the conversation topics...