Saturday, March 30, 2013

Clayton's 8th Birthday Bullseye Bash

Last weekend we celebrated our big 8 year old with an archery themed party.  Clayton definitely had a hand in the planning, and it turned out so cute! 

The Birthday Boy

I asked Wade to plan the games, because I knew that was his area of expertise.  He planned 3 events and printed out score cards for each kid.  He enlisted the help of several Daddies to man the stations.  Thank you to all of the Dads who helped out!  :)
We had planned to do all of the stations outside.  Unfortunately, it started to rain just as we were headed out.  Bummer!  Luckily, my Hubs had a plan B in mind.  We quickly moved the games inside the house and garages. 

The first station was a slingshot station where the kids knocked down action figures with a Nerf slingshot and foam balls.  Each action figure had a different point value.

Then the kids went inside to shoot the Nerf bow.  We bought a huge inflatable bear for the velcro darts to stick to.
The final station was the archery station with a real compound bow.  (Please ignore the messy garage.  This was plan B, after all.)  The kids did really well shooting the bow!  I was super impressed.   
After the prizes were awarded to the winners of the games, we did cake and presents.

Before getting their party favors (plastic bow and suction cup darts), the kids had to take an oath not to shoot people, animals, or their mom's breakable things.  Ha!  
After the kids left, the Daddies took turns shooting Wade's bow.  Boys and their toys...  ;)

Wade and I are so proud of our big 8 year old!  My heart is always so full of gratitude at birthday celebrations.  We are blessed with three healthy children that continue to grow and have birthdays, as well as family and friends that make our kids feel soooo special on their birthdays!  Thanks to all who were able to come and celebrate our boy!


Matt and Cindy Fleharty said...

You are great at bday themes! Happy bday to Clayton!