Monday, March 25, 2013

Clayton - Version 8.0

Clayton turned 8 years old on March 13th!  As much as I can't believe that he is another year older, I am super excited about it.  I think 8 is going to be a great age.  :)

A few things about my favorite 8 year old...

*  We went skiing for Spring Break (post to come soon), and Clayton took to it like a duck to water.  He LOVED it!  He went to one day of ski school, and then he was ready to go.  He pointed his skis down the mountain, and flew all the way down.  I was super proud of him, and I'm glad that he can be his Daddy's ski buddy.  I'm officially off the hook.  ;)

*  Clayton still LOVES Adventures in Odyssey.  He listens to the CDs, subscribes to Clubhouse Magazine, and watches the TV show that comes on TV on Saturday mornings.  He signed up for a pen pal through his Clubhouse magazine, and now corresponds regularly with his assigned pal, Luke.  It's cute to see what they write to each other.
*  Clayton is doing really well in school.  He grasps new concepts easily, and I couldn't be prouder of his academic achievements.  However... he still struggles a bit with handwriting.  We are also working on going slower on assignments to avoid careless mistakes (i.e. forgetting to write his name on his papers, carrying down the $ when adding money, etc.).  He'll get there, I know...

This picture was taken on his actual birthday.  He looks 25.  Adorable, but way too old.  :(
*  Clayton is a really good big brother.  He is sweet to play down to Drew & Owen and to make them feel included in his interests. 

This picture was taken one day when I walked around the corner and saw Clayton sitting there holding Owen.  They looked so sweet, that I had to grab my camera.  :)
Clayton & Drew play school pretty often, too.  On this particular day, they were working on sounding out three letter words and the Bible verse John 3:16.  Looks like I might have a wonderful Teacher's Aide when Drew starts Kindergarten.  ;)

*  Clayton writes lots of notes and cards to family members, friends, and classmates.  I save each one that he writes me, because I know that the day will come when he won't think that I am "supper cool."  Ha!
This one was on my pillow after church one day.  Precious boy...
*  Clayton is definitely fearless and ready to try anything.  His sweet buddy, that he plays with a lot on Fridays, got a Polaris for Christmas.  Clayton LOVES going to his house and riding that thing all over their property.  They are wild men!

I did the annual birthday interview the week after his birthday.  :)

Birthday Interview:
Mom: How do you like being 8?
Clayton: It is fun.  I feel like I'm a lot older.  I bet you still wish I was 7.
M:  How tall are you?
C:  51 1/4 inches tall
M:  How much do you weigh?
C:  58 lbs
M:  How many teeth have you lost?
C:  I've lost 6 teeth.
M:  What is your favorite animal?
C:  I have a couple - dogs, panthers, lions, and tigers.
M:  What makes you happy?
C:  I like spending time with my family - just doing fun stuff with them.
M: What kind of stuff?
C:  On the 4th of July, we all go and watch fireworks together.  When Owen was born, we were all in the hospital together.  We all just do a lot of things together.
M:  What is your favorite thing to eat?
C:   My favorite thing to eat...  What I had tonight was one of them - a Whopper Jr.  I like pizza.  I love your chicken and rice with Ritz crackers on top.  That's pretty much it.
M:  Not Pei Wei?
C:  I guess Pei Wei too.... and Boston Market.
M:  But if you had to pick just one place to eat out, where would you pick?
C:  Probably Boston Market.
M:  What is your least favorite thing to eat?
C:  I definitely don't like spinach or green beans, or any green vegetables.  I kinda like carrots, too.  I looooove salad.
M:  What is your favorite thing to do?
C:  That is a hard one.  This is really, really hard.  One of my new hobbies is archery!  I love doing archery!  In fact, for my birthday party, that's what we're doing.  If you're listening, Mrs. Leah, you're going to see my on Saturday!
M:  What is your favorite TV show?
C:  I like Arthur and Batman, the animated series.  I like pretty much any superhero show and Slugterra (IDK - he watched it at a friend's house?).
M:  What are you good at?
C:  Archery, again, it turns out.  Math and lunch (which is AWESOME!).  I'm really good at finding Easter eggs on Easter.  I always find the ones with money.  Those are some of the things that I am good at.
M:  What is your favorite movie?
C:  That's a hard one.  I like Madagascar 3 and Ice Age, Continental Drift.
M:  What is your favorite color?
C:  Blue.
M:  What is your favorite song?
C:  I like any TobyMac song...  and that song on the radio.... (You'll Never Be Alone by Capital Kings)
M:  What is your favorite TobyMac song?
C:  Get Back Up Again and Me Without You
M:  Who are your best friends?
C:  Taylor, Lindsey, Maggie & Sadie, Drew & Owen, the Grays, my cousins, (some prompting from me, because he left out one of his very best buddies) Ben, Cameron, Jack from school
M:  What is your favorite thing to do with your mom?
C:  There's a lot of things I do with my mom.  There are things that I don't like, like going into girly stores and stuff like that.  We do shop a lot together.  Um... We hang out a lot.  Sometimes, we go to Starbucks while Drew is at preschool to get a drink.
M:  What do we do all day on Tuesdays & Thursdays?
C:  Doing. Homework.  P.S. I don't like homework.
M:  What is your favorite sport?
C:   Soccer and basketball.  I'm thinking of playing tackle football.
M:  What is your favorite book?
C Boxcar Children.  One of the Narnia books - the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  Dangerous Book for Boys.  I don't know anything else.  Hardy boys, yes.  I have that on my Nook.
M:  Where is your favorite place to go?
C:  It's actually somewhere that I haven't been a lot...  I like going to Colorado.  Only I've only been once.  But it's still really fun!  I like to ski!  (ski story)
M:  What was your favorite thing to do in Colorado?
C:   Skiing, and I liked the aquarium.  You should put in the picture with me and the tiger - creepy!  I liked when I fed the stingray, but it bit my hand.  It was creepy!  Those things have teeth!
M:  What do you want to be when you grow up? 
C:  There's a lot of things that I want to be - singer, scientist, astronaut, um... maybe a famous football player, or basketball player, or soccer player.  Maybe I'll be a player for the Texas Rangers.  Yeah, I'm gonna be a dad.
M:  What do you like to play with your friends?
C:   If it is Pierce's we fight all day.  We ride in the red car, but we punch each other when we aren't.
M:  What do you like to play at recess? 
C:  I just talk, pretty much.
M: What is your favorite subject? 
CLunch!  Recess!
M:  Besides lunch and recess....
C:  Math.  If you asked me my least favorite subject, it is Grammar.  Grammar writing assignments - they are horrible.
M:  Do you remember the Nicene Creed?
C:  I don't want to say it.  Yes, I remember it.  I just don't want to say it.
M:  What is your favorite Bible verse?
C:  John 3:16.  And there's another Bible verse: Gal 3:13 - the fruits of the spirit.  Let me clarify that, I think it is Gal 3:13, I'm not sure.  I just think it is Gal 3:13.  (It's actually Galatians 5:22-23.)
M:  What is your favorite holiday?
C:   My birthday
M:  Your birthday day?  Or party?
C:   My party - I'm very excited about my archery party.


My, oh my, how are you 8 years old?!?!  I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday...  You made me a Mama, and I couldn't be more grateful to you for that.  You have taught me so much over the last 8 years, and I hope that you have learned a thing or two from me as well.  ;)

You are growing up to be the coolest kid.  I not only love you, but genuinely want to be around you.  You love the Lord and your family.  You are kind to others and a good example to your brothers.  You are crazy smart and able to speak confidently to adults.  There are so many things that I love about you!  We are still working hard on the traits of humility and self-control.  I cannot stress those two things enough to you!  I want for you to grow up to be like Christ - that is my deepest desire for you.  There is no better example of humility and self-control than Jesus Himself.  I hope that you will continue to strive to be like Him.

There is something that I have thought so much about lately...  I need for you to understand that, in every parenting decision that Daddy & I make, we are trying to protect you.  There is a big, bad world out there, and Daddy and I are trying daily to shield you from it.  I know that this will be an ongoing theme throughout your life, of course.  I have just noticed it more and more lately.  You have started to question our judgement (mostly about TV shows that we don't allow you to watch, etc.), and it makes me a little crazy.  I wish that you could understand that we are on your team.  We want the best for you, and we are making the decisions that we feel will protect you.  We're doing the very best that we can, Son.  I hope that you will look back on your childhood with an abundance of grace for your parents.  We love you so...

Happy Birthday, Darling Boy!  I hope that your 8th year of life is your very best one yet.  I hope that you will seek the Lord this year and continue to grow in your faith.  I pray that the Truth will never grow stale to you, and that you will hunger and thirst for righteousness all of the days of your life.  Represent HIM well in all that you do!

I love you to the moon and back,