Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Colorado Trip 2013 - Day 3 Ski School

On Friday, the boys were both enrolled in a day of ski school.  Our plan was for them to go to ski school, Wade to ski by himself, and for me to hang out at the lodge/check in on the boys frequently.  It was a great plan, and we all enjoyed ourselves very much.

We dropped the boys off at ski school at 9, and they were soooo excited to try skiing for the first time.  Look how tiny Drew's skis, were!  They were so stinkin' cute!
Clayton loved it from the beginning.  His class had four kids and one instructor.  They went over the basics and then hit the practice slope.  All of the kids did so well!  I think that 7/8 is the perfect age to start skiing.   

Drew did really well, too!  His teacher definitely earned her money that day with four little ones that were all a little wobbly.  She was really sweet and encouraging, though.  She would cheer them on, pick them up by the handle on the back of their vests when they fell, and constantly adjust their gear.  I came to realize that being a ski instructor is hard work!  Ms. Elizabeth was awesome, though!
 High 5s!

 Sweet Boy on the magic carpet

 I got to look at this beautiful view/read a book/drink hot chocolate/play on my phone.  Ahhh... it was heavenly!  Such a relaxing day....
 My Hubs was a wild man out on the slopes.  He was skiing all of the hard stuff, because he knew that he may not get a chance to when we were all skiing together.  He met me at the lodge for a little lunch date.  :)

 After lunch, my little Drew Man lost a little momentum.  I think he was tired and worn out by that point in the day.  Poor guy would fall and then just lay there until his instructor would come and pick him up.  Bless his heart.

 Drew with his precious instructor
She introduced herself to me as Elizabeth.  Drew told me later that she asked the kids to call her by her nickname, "Lizard."  He said, "Mommy, that is like the worst name ever!"  Ha!
 After lunch, C's group got to try out the chair lift and ride to the top of a short green.  They made a lot of progress in one day!
 Clayton really liked Mr. Denny
 Wade took Clayton up in the chair lift after ski school to see what he could do.  He must have been impressed, because he took him to the top of the mountain to ski Schoolmarm.  Clayton thought that he was big stuff!
We went back to the condo to enjoy the hot tub and rest up for the next day.  In a super-fun, last minute turn of events, the Hunts flew into town to join us for the next few days.  We were so excited that it worked out to spent part of our vacation with them!