Thursday, March 28, 2013

Colorado Trip 2013 - Day 7 Focus on the Family and Garden of the Gods

On Monday, we went to the Focus on the Family headquarters in Colorado Springs.  Wade has a customer in Colorado Springs.  While there on business, he had visited Focus on the Family and couldn't wait to go back with the boys.  Our kids are big Adventures in Odyssey Fans, so they were chomping at the bit.  :)

Please note the three story "A-bend-a-go" slide.  So fun!

Clayton and I were the only ones that were the appropriate height to go down the A-bend-a-go slide - Drew was too short and Wade was too tall.  We went down it several times, and it was so fun!

We spent a lot of time exploring all of the Adventures in Odyssey stuff.
Clayton guessed which person's voice matched each character.  He got them all right!

They have a radio station "KYDS" where the kids can record their own radio show.  Afterwards, they get to keep the CD.  Unfortunately, it is only available on Saturdays in the winter and books up weeks in advance.  So, we didn't get to do it this trip.  I was bummed because I know that Clayton would have loved that.  That just gives us a reason to go back.  :)
 Clayton was enamored by their Narnia area.

We went to Witt's End soda shop to order a Wod-fam-choc-sod (World Famous Chocolate Soda).  Clayton was so cute - you could just see the wheels turning in his head.  He was so excited to experience all of the things that he has learned about by listening to the Adventures in Odyssey CDs.  :)
They have an awesome bookstore, so we spent quite a while looking around and picking out souvenirs.  At one point, I looked over to see Clayton reading a Veggie Tales book to Drew.  Melt my heart...
We left Focus on the Family and went back to the hotel.  The boys took naps while Wade went to visit his customer.  Later that afternoon, we went to Garden of the Gods.  It was beautiful!  It was one of those places that you visit and can't help but to marvel at God's creation.  Everywhere that you turned looked like a postcard.
Clayton couldn't wait to climb on some rocks.  Some places have signs posted that you can't climb on the rocks, but some areas do not.  I think that my boys climbed every rock that was not designated as a no climb zone (and maybe a few that were...).  ;)

 Such a beautiful piece of the country...
 The Balanced Rock

 My goofy boys had to have a few funny pictures of them "lifting" the gigantic rock.  ;)

Wade and Clayton climbed this HUGE formation.  I sat there with my eyes closed - too nervous to watch.  Neither one of them have an ounce of fear - crazy characters!
After Garden of the Gods, we headed back to the hotel for some indoor swimming.  Clayton and Drew had sooooo much fun!  It made me so excited for this summer!

Day 7 was a busy, full day packed with lots of FUN!