Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Clayton's Fun Run

Last Wednesday Clayton's little school had a Fun Run that was a fundraiser for the school.  It was so fun to watch my boy in his element.  He was super competitive and ran his little heart out.  He came in 3rd place among the 2nd graders - yay!  It was a pretty long track that they had set up, and the kids ran it 10 times.  I'm guessing that they probably ran about 3 miles - pretty impressive.

Clayton with two of the little girls in his class

A goofy smile for Mom on the way by...  ;)
There were moms at the end of the track to cheer on the kids with bubbles and squirt bottles.  This was before our recent cold front, so it was a pretty warm day.

Check out that form!
One of Clayton's little buddies tripped and fell while he was running.  Clayton stopped to help him up and then they were off again.

The moms marked their shirts after each lap

This little girl is one of Clayton's very best school buddies.  :)

Whoo-hoo!  Way to finish strong, Clay-boy!

Hot and sweaty with 10 laps checked off - good boy!
Drew, Owen, and I had so much fun cheering on Big Brother!  Way to go, Clayton!