Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Owen's First Year....

These pictures make my heart swell with joy!  I love seeing how my sweet boy changed each month and went from a squishy newborn to a smiling infant to a laughing crawler.  I'm so thankful that I got to witness that progression firsthand - being his mother is among my greatest joys.

One Year Stats:
Weight: 21 pounds 8 ounces (30th percentile)
Length: 31 inches (80th percentile)
Head Circumference:  46.5 cm (50th percentile)

He also cut his top left tooth the day after his birthday (May 8, 2012) and his top right gum is bulging.  That tooth should cut through any day now.  Almost 4 teeth - get that boy a steak!  Ha!


Holly said...

It's so fun to see these all together. Love that sweet boy! Praise the Lord for such a great first year. Many more to come ...