Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Splish, Splash

Last Wednesday, we went to a splash pad with some friends.  The boys had so much fun!  I was trying to figure out how I was going to keep an eye on a 7 year old, 3.5 year old, and a busy crawler that needs my constant attention.  I decided that bringing O's walker may be helpful.  If there is one thing that I know about mothering crawler/toddler, it is that containment devices are your friend.  Ha!

So, off we went.  Owen was a wild man zipping around the splash pad.  He had an absolute ball!  He would go from sprinkler to sprinkler as they went off an on.  He was a happy baby, for sure!

We got home and Drew took a 3 hour nap and Owen slept for 5 hours!  They were worn out - bless their hearts.  I have a feeling that we may spend a lot of time at the splash pad this summer.  :)