Thursday, May 24, 2012

Legoland - Check!

Yesterday, we got to check something off of our Summer Bucket List.  Whoo-hoo!  We've actually already checked off several fun things - check, check, check.  :)

This week was Homeschool Week at Legoland, which meant that admission was only $8.  Yes!  We jumped on the bargain with some of the our pals from church.  The boys had soooo much fun!

Clayton and his buddy were all about the race car area.  They built cars and raced them over and over again - trying to get the fastest car.  It was pretty fun to watch them.

Drew was happy on the little kid playground for a little while, but quickly caught the racing bug.  He had to get in on the big kid action.  ;)

We rode the 2 rides, played, and watched the 3D movie.  Then we went to Miniland.  Apparently, Clayton and I missed this when we went 2 years ago.  Or maybe they hadn't built it yet?  At any rate, it was super cool.  They had built replicas of some of the DFW attractions out of Legos. 

Jerry World
Great Wolf Lodge
This one is for Kelli & Doug - Delaney Vineyards
Ballpark in Arlington
Fair Park
A certain cute little boy wanted his picture made next to the Ballpark in Arlington.  ;)
Dirk Nowitski happened to be there on Wednesday also.  What are the odds???  ;)

Of course we couldn't make it out of there without the boys spending every last dime of their own money in the gift shop.  Sheesh.  They bought Ninjago head wrap thingmabobs and key chains.  They had to pose for a picture with their souvenirs.   :)
So far, summertime is pretty awesome, I have to say.  :)