Thursday, March 01, 2012

Upward Basketball

Clayton just finished his first season of Upward basketball. We had a wonderful experience! Clayton's coaches (a gentleman from our church and his son) were awesome, and Clayton really learned a lot about the game. We were so proud of him!

At the very first game, Wade & I were sitting right behind the goal. Clayton dribbled down the court and was positioned to take his shot. It was like slow motion - he looked at us and I could tell that he wasn't sure if he should go for it or not. I started screaming my head off, "Shoot the ball, Clayton! Shoot the ball!" He took the shot and made his first basket. He was grinning from ear to ear! It was a precious memory that I will never forget.

Wade was teasing me afterwards that I was yelling too loud. He said something along the lines of, "You could have given my Aunt Kim a run for her money!" (Anyone who has heard Kim cheer for her boys at their baseball games is laughing right now.) But, I figure that, if your Mama isn't your biggest cheerleader, then who will be??? :)

I loved how each game I could see all of the boys improve. Clayton scored a handful of baskets, but he became an awesome defensive player. The boys wore sweatbands on their wrists in various colors - each matching a player on the opposing team. The boys knew to guard the player on the other team who had on their same color sweatband. We would remind Clayton constantly, "Find your guy." "Guard your guy." And, he certainly did. He would hold his hands up and stick to his guy like glue.

I loved watching my boy play, and look forward to years and years of spending Saturdays in January and February watching my boys play basketball. So much fun!

Miss Catherine (our sweet babysitter) is in college in Colorado, but she happened to be home for Clayton's first game and last game. She came to both to cheer him on. Love that girl!
Catherine's sister, Jamie, was the timekeeper, so she was at every game. Our boys LOVE Miss Jamie - seeing her every Saturday was a big treat!

Getting some praise from Coach G after making a basket. :)
This sweet little thing was Clayton's other biggest fan. :)

Clayton during his introduction...

It was a fun season of Upward Basketball. Go Mighty Dragons!!!!