Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Clayton's 7th Birthday Party

This year, Clayton chose to have his birthday party at a new trampoline park in Southlake called Urban Air. He had been to a birthday party there in January and loved it, so it was an easy decision for him. :) It is a really cool place, but definitely best suited for older kids. There were even several teenagers having their birthday parties there. I would venture a guess that this won't be the last birthday party that we have at Urban Air. The kids all loved it!
The place is literally wall to wall trampolines. Actually, even the walls are trampolines. Ha! It was great for our {almost!} 7 year old that has boundless energy.

Clayton was literally climbing the walls! ;)

He was fearless when it came to the ball pit - crazy flips at every chance he got! I'm pretty sure that he gave me some new grey hairs as I watched.

He was a big fan of dodge ball, too. Check out the birthday boy on the front lines with 2 balls in his hands. Ha!

A toe touch contest ensued between Wade, Makinley, and Leigh Ann. It was pretty funny to watch. :)

Miss Morgan was super helpful with Drew. They are good buds.
Sweet Angel... He would stop bouncing to smile every time that he saw my camera pointed at him. Bless his heart - Becca has trained him well. ;)
Sister Pic
Bestie Pic
SIL pic
Cousin Pic
I jumped at the chance to take some pictures with some of my favorite girls! :)
Wade was CUH-razy out there! Between he and Doug - the adults had more fun than the kids. Ha! When we laid down that night, Wade said that he felt like he was still bouncing. ;)

Leah and Sadie took Owen out for Justin Beiber's "Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh" song. Quite fitting for our Baby O. :)
How did he get so old??? It baffles me.
Trick candles never get old in my book. C loved it. ;)

Aunt Leigh Ann snuck Owen some icing. Naughty girl! I think her exact words were, "Busted!" when I walked over. Ha! Something tells me that he will go to town on his cake here in a couple of months...
Wade loves Sadie Bug... We all do!

Drew was a wild man in the pit, too.

It was a fun party, for sure! Our Spring Break baby will celebrate his real birthday on Tuesday. He's already been taunting me with a countdown. Only 6 more days of being 6 left... :)